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Screens, Technology, and the Passions

Orthodox Christian Insights for Families

October 12-14

The pervasiveness of “screens” in our workplaces, schools, and homes presents new challenges for Christian families. While some these technologies’ effects are positive and promising, others present serious dangers to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Taking a holistic approach, and drawing extensively from the sources of Orthodox tradition as well as insights from medicine, psychology, and sociology, we will identify specific challenges families face, examine some of the less obvious effects of screens and technology upon our interior lives and faith, and discuss constructive steps we can take to remain connected to God, our family, and our neighbor in a “screened” society.

Camp Dates Start: 2018-10-12 End: 2018-10-14
Registration Dates Start: 2018-08-13 End: 2018-10-01

Registration fees for Family Camp 2018 are as follows:

Adults (18yrs +) $109
Kids 4-17 yrs $87
Kids 0-3 yrs Free

The family maximum for 6 or more family members > 3yrs: $486.

Prices include all taxes and fees. Checks WILL be accepted (same price).

Rev. Dr. Perry Hamalis

Professor of Religion at North Central College, teaching courses in Christian Ethics, Philosophical Ethics, Religion and Politics. Rev. Dr. Hamalis has lectured across the U.S., Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Argentina, and Korea on topics pertaining to Eastern Orthodoxy and Social Ethics.

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